High Tech Machinery

Uniworth believes in bulk production without compromising quality. We have computer controlled machines like CNC Router, Beam Saw, automated edge bending machine, drilling machine. The machines are computer controlled with latest technology for manufacturing furniture with international quality finish and precision. The modular panel processing unit consists of the following machines:

  • CNC Beam Saw – Machine enables high speed cutting of modular furniture panels as per the cutting list derived from the software
  • Automated Edge Banding Machines – To process the edges of the panels these machines use hot melt glue to paste the edge banding tapes to the edges of the panels. The finished product has corner rounded edge and is buffed automatically
  • CNC Router – This machine is most advanced technologically and is used to make precision drilling on the components and can shape and route on the panels as per any design.
  • Multi-Drilling Center – To Drill holes for fixing hardware and joinery for the modular furniture
  • Panel Saw – The Saw is used to process boards by cutting them to perfect sizes. All types of boards can be processed by this machine.
  • Hot Press – Automated Press machine can press laminate/veneer on to the boards giving high production and undulated finish to the finished boards.

Solid Wood processing center

  • Rip Saw – This high speed automatic machine is used to cut wooded pieces to sizes as required for the furniture item.
  • Double Side Planar – The automated planar is used for planning the surfaces of solid wood components
  • Tenoner and Mortizer – The machines are used to create the joining drills for the solid wood components
  • Moulders/Routers/Turning/Shapers – These are machines to shape the wood components as per the design of the furniture items
  • Vertical / Horizontal Sanding – For Sanding the solid wood components before they are sent to the finishing line.