Solid wood furniture is strong enough to easily satisfy all furniture applications, and it can last for centuries. Plywood and other engineered wood products used to make furniture are typically covered with a veneer such as Cherry. This type of furniture is popular among manufacturers owing to its longevity. This type of furniture is less expensive.

These are used extensively in the construction and manufacturing industries including flooring storage and handling, doors, packaging, timber frame, furniture, shop fitting and joinery.

Our production process consists of designers who listens to your requirement and drafts a rough sketch of the product. Our in-house development program will enable us to maintain ‘industry best’ standards for many years to come.

Types of Solidwood Furniture

Our Solidwood furnitures vary from Solidwood beds, dining tables, dining chairs, sofa chairs, study tables, sofa sets, and coffee tables. We use seasoned and kiln dried wood, teak, mahogany, steambeach, ash, oak, rubber, walnut, cycamore.